Biogas mason’s achievement: A success story

Tshewang Phuntsho at one of his constructed biogas plants site
Tshewang Phuntsho at one of his constructed biogas plants site

Pemagatshel: Tshewang Phuntsho, a 24 year old from Nangmalam village under Zobel geog constructed biogas first at his village. As years passed, his interest and love increased and since then he has not looked back. He did not attend a formal training before; he was able to pick up the required skills from field days demonstrated by the geog extension staff.

Tshewang had to leave his school at a very young age when he was studying in 4th grade because of domestic problem. His interest and motivation gain momentum after he received a technical training for masons in 2014 at Gomdhar, Samdrup Jongkhar organised by the Bhutan Biogas Project. Today, his services are sought as far as Nanglam Drungkhag and have constructed 31 nos. biogas plants till date. He earns around Nu. 2500 to 3000 from a biogas plant construction that takes 5 days with six helpers to complete.

Apart from saving on cooking gas expenses, biogas is also an environment friendly and sustainable. ‘If the plant is constructed as per the technical design using quality construction materials, the plant will function for more than 25-30 years,’ said Tshewang, who also attended a training on revamping the Milk Processing Unit (MPU) working modalities through product diversification recently. Tshewang have also volunteered to be one of the milk processors for the Nangmalam MPU.

Tshewang shared that the subsidy support provided by the government has been very instrumental in motivating the dairy farmers especially poor ones. However, despite the subsidy, poor farmers are not able to avail it although most of them dream to own a biogas plant. He shared his satisfaction for support provided and is thankful to the Livestock Department for promoting this program and making the rural lives easier. In addition, the sector’s support for silo pit and dairy shed has also benefited farmers at large. ‘It has further motivated dairy farmers to come up with a biogas plant’, says Tshewang.

Reported by Yonten Dorji, Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital, Pemagatshel


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