Better road access for Nagor and Weringla farmers

WeChatImage636275876796142351April 11, Mongar: A 9 km farm road from Nagor under Silambi geog to Weringla under Gongdue geog has been completed. It will benefit 333 households (hhs) in Silambi and 343 hhs in Gongdue.

According to the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, the new road will connect two communities to their Drungkhag office and Yenla Dratshang helping them to avail their timely services and will ensure the efficient delivery of basic services.

With the proper road access in place, people are now expected to work hard and have better living standard by marketing their products to Drungkhag staff, Dratshang, school staff and mess. Agriculture is the main source of income for farmers. Citrus and vegetables are considered their main cash crops. Various livestock activities such as dairy, biogas, poultry, piggery and fishery are also picking up in the geogs. At the moment, the poverty rate is considered higher in both geogs. The road will further provide easy connectivity to the Head Offices in Mongar and Nganglam.

The farm road was constructed with a fund of Nu. 11.04 million from SDP II and RGoB. It has been handed over to the members of both geogs. A group is expected to be formed soon to ensure its monitoring and maintenance activities among others.

-ICS with photo by Phub Dorji, Assistant Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer, Mongar

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