BAFRA Workshop on Food Import Control System underway

The two day workshop was inaugurated by Director General, BAFRA with funding support by RGoB

19 September 2017, Thimphu: A two days consultative workshop on Food Import Control System (Criteria for Good Importing Practices and Food Import Licensing and Inspection Processes) is underway from today organised by the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), MoAF, at Chuniding Resort, Thimphu.

The Food Act of Bhutan 2005 and its Rules and Regulations 2017 stipulates that all food imported into the country has to meet the national requirements. This provision aims at the enhancement of food safety and orderly development of the food industry by defining minimum requirements for the commercial importation of food into the country.

The two days workshop is aimed at discussing thoroughly the Criteria for Good Importing Practices (GIPs) and Food Import Licensing and Inspection Processes in concurrence with the field practicalities and current situations relating to food import and business operations in the country.

The document on Criteria for Good Importing Practices specify the GIP requirements for commercials food importers to ensure the importation of safe and suitable food, while the Food import licensing and inspection processes document explain the processes for application of import permit, border controls and importers inspection.

Around 35 Regulatory & Quarantine Officials (Food) from all BAFRA Dzongkhags offices are attending this two Days’ workshop with facilitation by the BAFRA Head Office in Thimphu.

The primary objective of the workshop is to review both the above mentioned documents and get the field officials inputs and feedback on the Food import control Processes.

The workshop recommendation will be taken into consideration for the next round of consultative meetings with the relevant government agencies and Private Sector (Food Business Operators) and then finally submitted to the National Food Quality and Safety Commission (NFQSC) for endorsement.


  • Compiled by BAFRA with photos by Choidup Zangpo


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