B CO-OP shop logo registered with IPD

The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives would like to request all the B CO-OP (Bhutan Co-operative Shop) shop operators to kindly use this standard logo on the B CO-OP shop signboards.

Logo Description:       

The letter ‘B’ stands for Bhutan. It is also being identified by the national color – upper yellow and lower saffron colors.

The letters “CO-OP” placed below “B” stands for Co-operatives.

A male and a female around it represents farmer’s cooperatives members. It is to show that this Cooperatives is for these farmers’ groups. It also depicts that, their unwavering commitment and endeavor is essential to uphold the values and principles of the cooperatives.

The two entwined leafy structure supporting all others above is to show that these cooperatives are largely dependent on Renewable Natural Resources.

Interested B CO-OP shop operators should follow the following steps to apply for registration and operation of B COOP Shop.

  1. Any farmer group, cooperative, relevant SOE or a private Bhutanese citizen(s) can apply to register and operate a B CO-OP shop.
  2. A relevant SOE/private entity wishing to operate B CO-OP shop will have to apply to the DAMC or to one of its Regional Offices along with a proposal (Annexure I from the Guideline).
  3. The B CO-OP shop will have to follow extant business rules and regulations including obtaining a business license, if so required.
  4. For B CO-OP shops which are initiated and funded by the government, registered FGs/Coops shall receive priority. In the event the intended FG(s)/Co-op(s) is/are unable to operate the B CO-OP shop on a commercial basis, the B CO-OP shop operation may be handled by a relevant SOE/private entity, based on predetermined terms and conditions between the FG(s)/Co-op(s) and the SOE/private entity, mediated by the DAMC.
  5. For a SOE/private entity/FG/Co-op to own and operate a B CO-OP shop (established at their own expense), the minimum requirements specified in this guideline has to be met to be able to register and operate as a B CO-OP shop.
  6. For B CO-OP Shops, where the infrastructure is supported by the government for the benefit of FG(s)/Co-op(s), in addition to the minimum requirements, the operator will have to adhere to the additional terms and conditions specified in the guideline.

Please click here for guideline and certificate of registration

For details, you may kindly go through the
http://www.agrimarket.gov.bt/public/news/display/id/ 3 B COOP Shop Operation Guideline, 2019.



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