Artificial Insemination Centre at Dekiling

Untitled-1May 10, Sarpang: Dekiling geog under Sarpang Dzongkhag launched an Artificial Insemination (AI) center on May 10 2016. In total, the Dzongkhag now has three AI centers. The AI center was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag. The event was attended by the officials from the dzongkhag, Gup, Mangmi, Tshogpas and the communities from five Chewogs.

The AI centre was jointly constructed through the geog fund of Nu. 020 million with support of AI Canes and other accessories from the Dzongkhag Administration.

Presently Dekiling geog has 760 households out of which 520 households owns a cattle. The geog has total of 1770 cattle with 1049 numbers of breeding cattle. In 2015 Statistics, the geog had 533 jersey cross cattle.

Similarly it has 40 households registered for Contract Bull & Heifer production program (CB&HPP) with 63 numbers of high quality improved cattle selected for cross breeding with imported semen.

The objectives of the center is;

– to cater breeding services to the community

– to upgrade exotic cattle breeds.

– to increase quantity of jersey cattle from 533 to 700 at the end of 11th plan

– to generate income through sale of live animals and dairy products

– to enhance dairy food self sufficiency and substitute dairy imports in long terms

– to reduce burden on natural resources

Untitled-2During the event, Hon’ble chief guest welcomed all the participants and highlighted the importance of AI programs. It was highlighted that the AI helped increased efficiency of bull usage, increased potential for genetic selection, decreased costs, increased safety for animals and farmers and reduced disease transmission between male and female animals during breeding.

Hon’ble Chief guest urged all the beneficiaries to utilise the program in order to generate income for the family and to achieve livestock food security in household level. Hon’ble Dasho also expressed the concern on import of livestock goods and in order to overcome import, he urged the farmers to work hard to produce enough dairy food in the community.

He also expressed ownership mechanism as an example and quoted cost sharing of AI construction. He briefed on annual performance agreement and said that egg production has achieved beyond the target and likewise other RNR commodities has to scale up.

In general, he said that it was individual’s responsibility to attain self sufficiency and food security thereby advising them to work together with the extension agents and also to share knowledge with neighbours and friends in the community.


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