ARDC Wengkhar opens Early Child Care and Development (ECCD) and Crèche facility

October 4, Mongar: In line with the emerging needs for employees of the centre and importance to creation of a women and child friendly work place as per the existing legal frameworks, rules and regulations for Child Care in Bhutan, the ARDC Wengkhar, Department of Agriculture (DoA), Planning and Policy Division (PPD) with the support from Ministry of Agriculture and Forest (MoAF), the National Commission for Women and Child (NCWC), Mongar Dzongkhag Education Sector and Parents established a ECCD and Crèche facility.

The facility was inaugurated on 4th October by Hon’ble Dasho Drangpon, Mongar, officials from the Regional agencies, parents, staff of ARDC Wengkhar, OPM CARELP and beneficiary children.

The facility will now cater to parents who are employees of ARDC Wengkhar, OPM CARELP and local community. A total of 40 children between the age of 7 months to 5 years will benefit from the facility. 35 of them are children of the staff of the centre while 5 of them are from the community.

Established at the cost of Nu. 1.4 million, which began in June 2018 was completed in September 2018. The facility is established under multiple supports from various agencies namely ARDC Wengkhar contributed Nu. 0.651 million for construction and additional materials; the European union RDCCP-PPD, MoAF contributed Nu. 0.180 million for additional fund to construction; the National Commission for Women and Child contributed Nu. 0.497 for educational, household and play materials and the beneficiary parents and staff of ARDC Wengkhar contributed about Nu. 0.072 million through labour contribution for surrounding and play area development.

The facility is now managed by a committee of parents and care givers under guidance of the ARDC Wengkhar Management. An operation and management procedure based on existing child care guidelines and a savings scheme for running the facility is also put in place facilitated by the gender focal officers of the ARDC Wengkhar. All parents of the children attending the facility are members of the scheme. A full time ECCD facilitator is appointed through the Mongar Dzongkhag Education Sector and 2 temporary care givers are appointed by the ARDC Wengkhar till formal appointments are completed. The centre in collaboration with the NCWC will train the care giver soon.

ARDC Wengkhar would like to thank all the agencies namely PPD-MoAF (EU RDCCP), NCWC, Thimphu, Mongar Dzongkhag, Gender focal s of MoAF and ARDC Wengkhar, staff of ARDC Wengkhar and parents.

ARDC Wengkhar

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