Approved price list for vegetables

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to inform the general public of Thimphu Thromde that with the opening of shops in different zones, we have started with the delivery of vegetables to these shops in bulk. As of issuing this notification, shops in Babesa and Lungtenphu areas have been supplied with cabbages, potatoes, carrot, and chillies (large and small). To ensure that shopkeepers do not take advantage of the lockdown situation and inflate the price of vegetables, the MoAF has fixed the selling price of vegetables as follows:

Sl. NoItemsPrice per kg (Nu)
2Potato (red)40
4Chilli (large)240

Prices for other types of vegetables will be announced as and when they are sourced and supplied to the shops. If you are charged more than the fixed selling price of vegetables, please report to the office of Consumer Protection immediately.


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