Annual Stakeholders Workshop on Cordyceps value chain

 18 March, Thimphu: “Collection of Cordyceps shall be strictly restricted to 45 days, excluding the number of days of journey to and from the collection site”, states the revised Guidelines for collection/harvesting of Cordyceps sinensis. A total of 45 days will be officially recognized for collection of Cordyceps to the residents of the high altitude villages (dependant on yaks) who is registered in the concerned Geog Administrations concerned.

Gups from the various highland Gewogs expressed concerned over the revised royalty of Nu. 22500 from the existing Nu. 7000 per kilogram of Cordyceps bought at the auction site. Some agreed with the revised tax but expressed that if the ‘only one person per household could be reconsidered to three people per household.

His Excellency Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests shared that since the numbers of illegal immigrant who come from across the border collect Cordyceps in the country has reduced, and for sustainable collection, the number of person permitted to collect has been reduced.However, they will be allowed to take turns for collection of Cordyceps.

Collectors now will also have to produce the life insurance certificate upon which the collection permit will be issued.

Concerns were also expressed over the revised permit fee of Nu. 1000 per collector. Depending on local situations, the area forestry official in consultation with the gups may fix the start date for Cordyceps collection each season. The start and end date will be determined by the concerned Gewogs, and these dates will be submitted to the nearest Department of Forest office.

Stakeholders from across the country met at the Annual Stakeholders Workshop on Cordyceps value chain.

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