Announcement for Selected Candidates for ESP for Nichula, PWS

Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary is pleased to announce the selected candidates for the post of ESP under Nichula Range, Lhamoyzingkha. The selected candidates should contact administration section, PWS for further completion of formalities & forwarding of necessary documents to the HRD, MoAF, Thimphu for necessary appointment.


S.No Name of the candidate CID Total Average Score Remarks
1 Purna Bdr Khati 11310000490 50.00 Not selected
2 Rudra Bdr Karki 11310000411 41.50 Not selected
3 Janga Bdr Gurung 20314000033 50.17 Not selected
4 Karna Bdr Katwal 11310000279 40.17 Not selected
5 Rudra Bdr Darjee 11310000369 46.17 Not selected
6 Yen Bdr Bista 11310000407 50.17 Not selected
7 Chandra Maya Guragai 11310000286 55.50 Selected
8 Dolma Tamang 11310000094 34.17 Not selected
9 Dhan Maya Gurung 11304000018 43.50 Not selected
10 Bhim Nath Kafley 11310000688 0 Absent


-Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary 


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