AI refresher course completes for extension staff of west-central region

22 April-5 May, Tsirang: Twenty five livestock staff of west-central region attended two weeks refresher course on artificial insemination (AI) in Mendrelgang. The course provided them an opportunity to get hands on training on latest insemination procedures, thawing of semen, proper loading of AI gun, application of right AI techniques, proper handling of frozen semen and care/handling of Liquid Nitrogen needed for cryopreservation of frozen semen.

AI is a process by which sperm are collected from elite male, processed, cryopreserved and artificially introduced into female reproductive tract for the purpose of conception. Sound AI program checks transmission of veneral diseases, extends the use of good sires, cheaper, more convenient, controls inbreeding and greatly contributes to cattle genetic improvement. However, the technique of inseminating cow requires considerable skill, knowledge, experience and patience. The semen must be deposited within the tract of the cow at the best location and at the best time to obtain acceptable conception rates. Hence, it is essential for our field artificial insemination technicians (AIT) to refine skills, update knowledge and keep abreast with latest/improved techniques in cattle reproductive biotechnologies.

The training was organised by the National Dairy Research and Development Centre (NDRDC)-Yusipang jointly with Regional Livestock Development Centre-Wangdue and Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Tsirang with fund support from GEF-LDCF project.


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