Agriculture curriculum to be strengthened in Schools

The MoU being exchanged

July 9, Thimphu: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed in 2013 was renewed to strengthen the Agriculture for Food Security (AgFS) curriculum in middle and higher secondary schools. The MoU was renewed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Ministry of Education (MoE) and Royal Education Council (REC).

As per the MoU, the three parties will share information, facilities, monitor, evaluate and report to improve AgFs subject among others.

The AgFS curriculum started in 2013 in class IX-XII was successfully completed with the first batch of class XII students appearing board exam in 2016 and scoring good aggregate percentage for tertiary education. It was then introduced in 29 middle secondary schools which later increased to 49 schools with 2500 students opting the subject. During the last six years of pilot phase, the AgFS has been one of the popular optional subjects among the students.

According to REC, there are 45 middle and higher secondary schools with about 3995 students studying AgFS at present. The subject committee members have developed four text books for them.

With the MoU in place, the MoE proposes to regularise the subject in all middle and higher secondary schools as optional subject beginning 2019 academic year. AgFS has been the offshoot of school agriculture programme so that each of the students knows something about agriculture for food and nutrition preparing some of them for self-employment opportunity in near future.




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