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Policy and Planning Division


This division is responsible for providing policy and planning services and for monitoring and evaluation of the various programmes and projects. It is responsible for liaison with the donor agencies for mobilising funds and with the other ministries in the government for clearing programmes and projects.

The PPD is also responsible for ensuring equitable distribution of human and physical resources amongst the various divisions and for providing secretarial support to the Minister.


Principally the roles of the PPD are the following:

  • PPD fulfils a proactive and responsive role in providing policy advice within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests;
  • PPD plays the primary role in establishing an effective RNR information system and play an active role, where appropriate, in primary data collection;
  • PPD plays an active role in effectively disseminating RNR information;
  • PPD plays a proactive role in planning at the macro level RNR sector investment program;
  • PPD assists, on request, the technical departments in project identification, preparation and approval;
  • PPD is both responsive and proactive in providing policy and economic advice in relation to the RNR sector outside the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests; and
  • PPD provides secretariat support to the Minister as and when required.

Administration and Finance Division


  • General Administration & Training Section
  • Personnel Section
  • Finance Section

Human Resource Division

Human Resource Divisionwas created in 2006 with an introduction of PCS by separating it from AFD. The core objective of the same was to cater to the HR   related assignment of the ministry in line to the Civil Service Act and the BCSR. Currently the HRD comprises of 13 employees including 7 support staff.

1. Sangay Yangley, Offtg. Chief HRO

2. Ganga Pradhan, HRO sect

3. Ugyen Dorji, HRO, DOA, CORRB, BAFRA

4. Galem and Sangay Chophel HROs, DoFPS

5. Pema Wangda, HRO, DoL


  • Facilitate in Developing/reviewing Staffing Pattern/Strength for Ministry from time to time
  • Facilitate in preparation of human resource requirement projection and recruitment plans for the Ministry from time to time
  • Coordinate recruitment into the civil service including international volunteers
  • Review & process promotion proposals
  • Facilitate transfers within the ministry
  • Facilitate separation for civil servant of the ministry from the civil service
  • Prepares plans for human resource development including training abroad and in-country.
  • Implementation of HRD plan of the ministry
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for bilateral/multilateral programs
  • Liaise with RCSC and HROs of other ministries/dzongkhags/agencies regarding any other HR action
  • Any other HR actions