About Us


The National Biodiversity Programme is conceived in partial fulfillment of the Royal Government’s commitment to the conservation and sustainable utilisation of Bhutan’s diverse biological resources for ecological integrity and socio-economic well being of the country in particular, and the world in general.


  • Be a framework for organising Bhutan’s biodiversity related activities
  • Be a mechanism for national decision making on biodiversity concerns cutting across sectors, divisions and institutions
  • Be a mechanism to guarantee a better national balance between conservation and utilisation of biological resources in general, and between in-situ and ex-situ conservation in particular
  • Be a mechanism to facilitate sub-regional, regional and international cooperation
  • Be a mechanism to assure continuity of biodiversity related activities over time

Long term Objectives

  • To identify and meet national needs through instituting rational, sustainable, effective and equitable approaches to the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources in natural and agricultural ecosystems for the benefit of present and future generations of the Bhutanese people and in sustaining the environmental well-being of the country.
  • To ensure adequate national capacity to participate in global efforts to conserve and use biodiversity resources for food, agriculture, industry and environment, and to share in the benefits arising from their use.
    To give high priority to establishing the essential elements of an integrated national program: a recognised national status, appropriate policy and institutional framework including mechanisms for coordinated planning and action.
  • To improve institutional and sectoral linkages and to strengthen the integration of institutional and community efforts. To develop national capacity in the technical, managerial and policy areas of biodiversity.
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