About Us

1. Introduction

DAMC was established in October 2009 and started to operate as a Department from March 2010 with the appointment of a Director. The main reasons for its establishment are: Firstly, to better equip and prepare the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests  to cater to the needs of the rapid transition of the Agriculture sector from a primarily subsistence to a major market economy. Secondly, to strengthen the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to effectively implement the Cooperative (Amendment) Act of Bhutan, 2009 (CAB 2009).  The department has the following vision, mission and strategic goals.

A vibrant and responsive marketing and cooperative institution, supporting profitable and people-centered marketing of RNR products, for both domestic and international markets contributing to sustainable socio-economic development.


To promote marketing of RNR products through promoting efficient and effective marketing systems, facilitating institutional linkages and strengthening farmers groups and cooperatives.

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1: Transforming the RNR sectors from subsistence to market oriented farming in order to bring    improvements in rural economy.

Goal 2: To establish efficient and effective marketing systems and structures to promote domestic markets.

Goal 3: To develop and promote export markets for Bhutan’s RNR products

Goal 4: Create vibrant institutional linkages with relevant stakeholders

2. Key Programmes / Services.

Department pursues its vision and goals by providing and implementing the following services and programme

2.1 Market Research, Information, Intelligence

  • Market studies
  • Agri-Market Website – www.agrimarket.gov.bt)
  • Interactive Voice Response  – 2009 toll free  on b-mobile

2.2 Market Infrastructure/Equipment

  • Market infrastructures e.g. Sales counter, Collection sheds (agri/dairy), Market sheds (e,g.CFM, Changjiji), Roadside outlets(e.g. Thimphu-Punakha highways), cold stores
  • Marketing Equipments (dairy, post harvest etc)

2.3 Linking producers to Markets.

  • Contact Farming
  • Linking producers to schools / govt institutions /Mega Projects
  • Off season vegetables (export to Assam from East)
  • Promote Intra-regional /Dzongkhag trading; Rice (Rhadi,  Chuzergang & Bangtar-Khamti) to major markets (e.g.CFM)
  • One stop farmer shops (OSFS)
  • Non wood forest products (NWFP)
  • Support trial marketing of RNR produce.
  • Farmers groups and Cooperatives

2.4   Cooperatives (Amendment) Act of Bhutan-2009

The scope of the CAB 2009 extends beyond RNR sector and its implementation  entails numerous regulatory and development functions.

  • Registration of Farmers Groups and Cooperatives as per the CAB-2009 to give legal entity
  • Monitoring and evaluation of registered Farmers Groups and Cooperatives
  • Capacity building of registered FG/Coops: Capacity Building Master Plan in collaboration with TF members

3. Organization and Resources

Department has two Divisions with an approved staff strength of 40. We have one regional office at Mongar that caters to the six eastern dzongkhags. We also have one staff each deputed in the Royal Bhutanese Consulate at Kolkotta and Royal Bhutanese Embassy at Dhaka.

Current and past development partners: SNV, UNDP, IFAD, Government of India

Forthcoming development partners: EU, FAO, JICA, World Bank, DANIDA

4. Priority Needs

Donors and development partners are requested to support the Department in the following areas:

  • Agriculture Marketing Policy
  • Cooperatives Development Fund
  • Market information system
  • Market research(applied) and intelligence
  • Market infrastructure and logistics including post harvest
  • Human resource development in marketing and cooperatives
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