About Us


The Council for Renewable Natural Resources Research of Bhutan (CoRRB) is the apex body responsible for coordination and monitoring of research done by the various agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF).  With the inception of 10th FYP (Five Year Plan) and to address the emerging issues and challenges, the erstwhile CoRRB’s mandate and function were realigned.

The field implementation of RNR Research will be done by the respective departments through their research centre and sub-centre.



To be an apex body to promote science and technology for sustainable natural resources management and socio-economic development.


To enable an innovative and effective Renewable Natural Resources research that supports social, economic and environmental sustainability through development of science and technology thereby contributing to the goals of the Gross National Happiness.


  • Direct, guide and ensure coherence of RNR Research policy and programme in harmony with national policies and priorities.
  • Direct and guide RNR Research within and outside RNR sector.
  • Formulate RNR research policies, strategies and plans.
  • Coordinate and promote RNR Research and information.
  • Provide strategic guidance on human resource utilisation and capacity development for researchers.
  • Monitor and assess RNR Research outputs and impacts.
  • Coordinate pilot Public-Private-Partnership programmes within MoAF.
  • Forge and foster external research linkages with partner institutions at national, regional and international level.
  • Conduct strategic policy research.
  • Coordinate, review and facilitate publication of research papers.
  • Mobilise resources for research.
  • Coordinate School Agriculture Programme (SAP).


  • Research Policy and Planning Cell
  • Technology Screening and Monitoring Cell
  • Research Knowledge Management and Communication Cell
  • Research Coordination and Resource Mobilisation Cell