Aeroponic Production of potato minitubers: A successful third season

Potatoes grown using aeroponic minituber production method
Potatoes grown using aeroponic minituber production method

We would like to share some pictures and updates on the aeroponic production of potato minitubers, as we begin this year’s harvest. This is the third season that we, National Potato Program and the National Seed Center (NSC), Paro, have successfully carried out production in the aeroponic unit built with the support of World Bank funded Decentralized Rural Development Project. NSC will also have another unit functional by the next season through the same support.

The minitubers harvested are transported to NSC Seed Farm in Phobjikha were it will be planted in the following season. The main objective behind, is to put the aeroponically harvested minitubers through a three year/generation field multiplication to produce “3G seed”. This strategy will be adopted as a rapid multiplication method to replace the conventional system that usually took about 5-7 years to complete a production cycle. The 3G strategy takes only 3 year field multiplication!


Contributed by Pema Wangchuk for National Potato Program and National Seed Center

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