8th Tour of the Dragon raises Nu. 6.3 lakhs towards Tiger Conservation

The 8th Tour of the Dragon raised Nu. 630,000 for the Regional Centre for Tiger and Cats Research To Strengthen Tiger Conservation Efforts in Bhutan
The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo with members of the Kora Tigers Biking Club

September 27, Thimphu: The Amankora Resort and the Bhutan Foundation handed over a cheque of Nu. 0.63 M to the Regional Center for Tiger and Cats Research to strengthen Tiger conservation efforts in Bhutan.

The fund was raised through an online campaign during the 8th Dragon tour on September 2, a one-day mountain-bike race from Bumthang to Thimphu organised by the Bhutan Olympic Committee.

The Regional Center for Tiger and Cats Research was established to commemorate the first birth anniversary of His Royal Highness the Gyalsey by the Department of Forests and Park Services. With a vision to be “a global leader in science and education for tiger and cats conservation,” the centre aims to fill critical gaps in scientific understanding of wildcat conservation in the mountains, conduct its cutting-edge science and research, influence tiger and wildcat conservation policy and practices and facilitate awareness and learning through various exchange programs.

The tiger is one of the most iconic and charismatic species and needs international attention and support for its conservation. However, despite concerted efforts to protect this species, its range has undergone one of the most dramatic collapses witnessed by any species in the 21st century. Tiger numbers have plummeted to only about 3,800 in the wild today.

A recent estimate has put Bhutan’s total tigers at 103 adults. Harboring almost 3% of tigers in the world and having some of the well-protected forests in the world, Bhutan’s tiger population is of global significance and interest. Understanding and monitoring the status of tigers and other wildlife species are of prime importance for Bhutan and the world.

Meanwhile, both Amankora and Bhutan Foundation have been working towards conserving the tiger by organising various fund raising activities. The Bhutan Foundation under the project titled, Conserving Bhutan’s Mountain Tigers has donated about Nu. 7 million since 2011. 





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