AMC officially hands over machines, equipment, vehicles and land to FMCL

amc_fmc17 January: Agriculture Machinery Centre officially handed over farm machines, workshop tools and equipment, fabrication machines, vehicles, land and buildings under the phase I to the Farm Machinery Corporation Limited on Friday at the AMTS conference hall in Paro in the presence of the Director, Department of Agriculture. The signing and exchange of the documents was done between the offtg. Programme Director of AMC and the Chief Executive Officer of Farm Machinery Corporation Limited.

All eight Farm Machinery Service Units (FMSC) which were sub-centres of the regional centres were also handed over to FMCL with all the machines and equipments. Agriculture Machinery Centre is again working on the spare parts verification and it will also be handed over to FMCL under phase II along with geog power tillers once the official verifications are completed. However informally, this lot had also been handed over.

Henceforth, AMC will be concentrating on research technology improvement and generation, standards and certification for safe and quality machines use in the country and training all stakeholders in farm mechanisation programme. FMCL has been given the mandate to execute, hiring services, sales, installation and repair of farm machinery which had been previously handled by AMC. FMCL has also been mandated with other activities by the government.

Machines, equipment, vehicles etc worth approximately Nu120.00 million at initial value had been handed over under the phase I .



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