Poultry farming initiated in Lunana


The Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Gasa in collaboration with the Regional Livestock Development Centre-Wangdue supplied 386 no. poultry birds to Lunana farmers on July 31. 2016  Of the total numbers, 200 were improved birds bought from the Regional Poultry Breeding Centre, Paro while 186 birds were native birds from Tsirang.

Though Lunana is predominantly a high altitude farming zone, certain breeds of poultry birds thrives and performs better than the rest as per the farmers. Native poultry birds are predominant in the area. With the supply of both native and improved birds, the Dzongkhag intends to compare their performances and make appropriate decisions for promotion of poultry farming in places like Lunana in the future.

Given the history of existence of poultry farming in Lunana, the Sector is positive that supplied birds will make good contribution to rural household’s nutritional value. In addition, enthusiasm of farmers for rearing birds served as a new venture in such far-flung areas.

Submitted by Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Gasa


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