5 July 2014: International Day of Cooperatives

coopThis year, the day falls on 5 July and will be celebrated throughout the world with the theme, “Cooperative Enterprise Achieves Sustainable Development for all”. The main objective of the day is to increase awareness on cooperatives and promote the movement’s successes and ideals of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality and world peace.

Bhutan first marked the International Cooperative Day in 2011 at Gelephu. This year the day will be commemorated by bringing together representatives of the country’s registered farmers’ groups and cooperatives at Chuzergang Agriculture Farmers Cooperative, Chuzergang, Gelephu. In the east, the same will be celebrated by bringing the leaders of farmers’ groups and cooperatives in their respective Dzongkhags. The Tshaluna Farmers’ Group under Mewang Geowg, Thimphu has, on their own initiative, is organising a day-long program to mark the day. This gathering will focus on sharing experiences, discuss issues, challenges and pave the way forward. Besides, it will also aim in raising awareness and supporting the optimal development of farmers‘groups and cooperatives in the country.

Such events on a regular basis would keep our cooperative members abreast not only with the cooperative movement in the country but also in the region and finally at a global level.


– Submitted by DAMC



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