2nd EOI on RNR Enterprise

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests would like to call for expression of interest (EOI) from Bhutanese national above 18 years of age, interested to establish RNR sector related business enterprises in the country.  The Ministry will be able to facilitate the following:

  1. Business plan development
  2. Linking with financial institutions for loan
  3. Acquiring leased land where possible
  4. Creating market linkages both domestic & export
  5. Entrepreneurial capacity building
  6. Acquiring governmental clearances where required
  7. Support technical assistance

  1. We are inviting EOI on the enterprise as follows:
SL/NPriority EnterpriseNos. of EOI requestedTentative location
2Bio-fertilizer3East, West and Central
3Animal Feed3East, South
4Mushroom spawn3Potential Dzongkhags
5Medicinal & Aromatic plants (moringa, Satuwa, lemon grass)2Potential Dzongkhags
6Horticulture ( Avocado, Kiwi, Pineapple, Tomato, chili, beans)5Potential Dzongkhags
7Floriculture3Potential Dzongkhags
8Herbal tea2East, West and Central

Note: Please send your EOI to rnredcu@moaf.gov.bt on or before 10th February 2020 to start with the necessary facilitation from our side.

For further information please contact at office hour:

Phone : +975 2 323745/323746

PPD, MoAF building, Thimphu


Expression of Interest

 Name of the proposed business :

  • Proponent /Company Name:
  • Permanent Address:
  • CID No:
  • Email address:
  • Telephone No:
  • Proposed business location :
    1. Dzongkhag:
  1. Business Description: (One page)
  • Present a short, descriptive narrative about the business:
    • What do you want to produce(products/services)?
    • Why do you think this is a potential business?
    • How are you going to compete in the market?
    • Who are your targeted customers ( Domestic/ Export)?
  1. Business Size: What is the size of your proposed business ( investment size)
    • Small less than 1.0 million
    • Medium Nu.10 million to 50 million
    • Large above Nu.100 million
  2. Means of financing: ( How are you going to finance your business?)
  • Debt ( Loan)
  • Equity
  • Other source
  1. Promoters detail (Half-One page)
    • Mention your skills and experience related to the proposed business EOI
    • How ready are you to start the business?
  1. Support from MoAF: What support you need to make your business successful? (state clearly -half page)


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