2019 Gewog Agriculture Statistics: in support of planning and developmental activities for agriculture sector

The 2019 Gewog Agriculture Statistics (2019 GAS) provides disaggregated information of gewog level agricultural production based on the 2019 Annual Agriculture Survey. The 2019 GAS is important as it provides the profile of gewog agriculture operations of the holdings in the country. Such information is critical to enhance the evidence-based decisions to develop and implement effective policies and programs related to agriculture sector in the country.

The release covers the information pertaining to crops cultivated by farmers and their production presented by gewogs. Farming population in Bhutan predominantly practice mixed cropping-growing a large variety of crops.

Self-sufficiency in cereals and vegetables are identified as the thrust area for the agriculture sector. For example, rice is the main staple food in the country and attaining the rice self-sufficiency has always been the top most priority in the agricultural policy agenda. The statistics release, therefore, serves as the benchmark information which are essential for economic development planning purposes. The production statistics provided herein are as reported by the farmers except for paddy and maize. The production of paddy and maize are computed by multiplying the harvest area as reported in the annual survey with the crop-cut yield of the respective gewogs.

The detailed statistical tables are provided for reference.

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