1st March 2019: The RNR Census 2019 enumeration kicks off

The enumeration of the RNR Census 2019 has officially begun this morning. The census enumeration period is scheduled from 1-31 March 2019. It will enumerate all entities engaged in RNR activities in all the 205 Gewogs and Thromdes. The census aims to capture information on the structure of the agriculture sector for policy and planning purposes. The enumerators are the Gewog Agriculture/Livestock officials, supervised at the Dzongkhag level by their Sector Heads and nationally coordinated by the RNR Statistics Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

The RNR census adopts Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method, that is, the enumerators will be interviewing respondents using Android tablets. CAPI is expected to greatly enhance data consistency in the field, speed of data transmission from field to the HQ, eliminate the time spent on data punching, and thereby speed up data processing, analysis and dissemination.

The census is supported by the EU’s Rural Development and Climate Change Response Program (RDCCRP), the FAO and the Royal Government of Bhutan.


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