16th Batch De-Suups sensitized on Forest Fire Management

The 16th batch De-Suups attending sensitization program
The 16th batch De-Suups attending sensitization program

August 12, 2015, Wangduephodrang: That the De-Suups are instrumental in both prevention and suppression of forest fire in Bhutan, the Forest Fire Management Section (FFMS) under Department of Forest and Park Services conducted a day-long sensitization for the 16th batch De-Suups currently undergoing training at Wangduephodrang.

While introducing the De-Suups on general fire science, the sensitization mainly emphasized on fire fighter safety, different causes of forest fires in Bhutan, effective fire battling techniques and suppression. For instance, fire expert recommends that fire fighters always identify an escape route whilst battling fire.

An official with the fire section, Kinley Tshering, who conducted the sensitization deeply acknowledged the unwavering support rendered by the De-Suups. He said since the graduation of the first batch in 2011, De-Suups have contributed immensely in both pre and post forest fire activities.

“In almost all 20 dzongkhags, we have received unstinted supports from De-Suups especially in dousing forest fires,” said Kinley. He added that they come in droves and purely voluntarily. Having undergone vigorous training, De-Suups proves a strong fire fighters.

He shared that more than often, forest fire in Bhutan rages fiercely. The remote and difficult terrains make firefighting, a nightmarish experience. However, he reminded that it’s enshrined in our Constitution about need to protect forests and our natural resources.

Kinley Tshering making a presentation on forest fire
Kinley Tshering making a presentation on forest fire

“De-Suups have always worked closely with the department in preventing forest fire in the Country,” Kinley said. He cited an example where De-Suups have accompanied forestry officials in educating public by visiting fire prone areas in Thimphu. “De-Suups were with us visiting apple orchard caretakers, roadside workers and firewood collectors advising them to be careful with the fire.”

He convincingly shared with De-Suups about how thankful the department is for being forefront in forest fire fighting. While he said he remains hopeful of the same support from the current batch upon their graduation, Kinely said that department truly appreciates the unfailing supports received. He thanked His Majesty the King for instituting such a noble De-Suung programme.

Instituted in 2011, under the command of His Majesty the King, De-suung Integrated Training has as of now trained 1765 De-Suups. This includes politicians, civil servants, private and corporate employees and general graduates from different parts of the country.

Reported by: Ugyen Tshering, ICS

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