• e-RNR Crop Advisory: A one stop platform for farming

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has come up with an e-RNR Crop Advisory, a mobile app targeting the Bhutanese youths to help them take up farming for their livelihoods. 

    The app is an easy platform to disseminate information on know-how of growing agricultural crops through textual, picture and video contents.

    The app currently hosts farming information on four crops such as tomato, chilli, cabbage and cauliflower highlighting how to grow them starting from nursery management to harvesting. More crop information will be added in the coming time. 

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  • Submission of articles for RNR-Magazine 2021

    ICTD is in the process of bringing out the 11th issue of RNR-Magazine (Sanam Drupdrey).

    Therefore, we would like to request your office to kindly send your articles on success stories, breakthroughs, cultivation tips or any write-up related to the RNR Sector to ictd@moaf.gov.bt on or before 30 November 2020 for further action.

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  • Drone demonstration to enhance the National Forest Monitoring System

    25-27 November, Haa: Nineteen foresters from functional and field divisions under the forestry department and 2 officials from WWF Bhutan are attending the capacity building program on how a drone can be effectively used for monitoring of forest and wildlife habitat.

    The program is mainly focused on the demonstration of drone operation and post-processing of data captured by drones to be used for monitoring and planning.

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  • Royal Manas National Park wins award for doubling the tiger population

    The Royal Manas National Park received the Tiger Conservation Excellence Award on November 23. The Manas Tiger Reserve in India also received the same award. The award marks the 10-year anniversary of all 13 tiger range countries who committed to double the wild tiger population by 2022 through the strategy TX2.

    The tiger population in the Royal Manas National Park increased from 12 in 2008 to 26 in 2018 and from nine in 2010 to 25 in 2018 in the Manas Tiger Reserve.

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  • Facilitating certification of agro-based CSI products

    23-27 November, Tsirang: A workshop on ‘Developing draft Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI)’ for products of Cottage and Small Industries (CSIs) is underway in Damphu. Representatives from the Queen’s Project Office, Department of Livestock, Department of Agriculture and BAFRA are attending it.

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  • Shortlisted Candidates at BLDCL

    BLDCL is pleased to notify all the shortlisted candidates for the interview of the following posts as under:

    1. Livestock Production Officer
    Sl. No.NamePhone no.CIDDate & Time
    1Bhawana Ghalley1747735711215002444December 7, 2020 at 9:15 AM
    2Birendra Dhakal7732430611206002700-do-
    3Chencho Drugay1798852711512000968-do-
    4Dawa Gyeltshen7771604711601002580-do-
    5Devi Lal Phuyel1746542311206004626-do-
    6Indra Maya Pulami1743840211805000045-do-
    7Khem Lal Chapagai1750409511206001780-do-
    8Kinga Dorji1736267111106005246-do-
    9Kinley Wangchuk7741907811106005360-do-
    10Kinzang Rinchen1725703711107003520-do-
    11Milan Acharya7729643521213000069December 7, 2020 at 10:15 AM
    12Neten Dorji1779724311515000655-do-
    13Nima Wangdi Tamang1770562111311000022-do-
    14Nisha Pradhan1731298211203005371-do-
    15Pabitra Limbu7748505811204000105-do-
    16Rinchen Wangmo1759157211312003321-do-
    17Ruksan Monger1744403211316000488-do-
    18Sabina Gurung1741250511213002377-do-
    19Samten Leki1733232911601000857-do-
    20Samten Yeden1771066811606001910-do-
    21Sangay Choden1735667910714000045December 7, 2020 at 11:15 AM
    22Sangay Norbu1752421511106004022-do-
    23Sangay pemo7720339011513000182-do-
    24Sonam Kiba7745719610101000701-do-
    25Tashi Tshewang7767628511508000592-do-
    26Tshering Wangmo1771443011509003958-do-
    27Tshering Yangzom7730443710808001743-do-
    28Tshulthrim Tharchen1768524610604001481-do-
    29Ugyen dema1741907710704001059-do-
    30Ugyen Dorji1750689911503005413-do-
    31Yeshi Dorji1747485911701002172-do-
    32Yeshi Tshomo1748338910905004432-do-

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  • One Health advocacy meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance

    24 November, Thimphu: One Health Advocacy meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) was conducted to mark the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) which is observed globally from 18-24 November. WAAW aims to raise awareness on the health risks posed by AMR, promote good practices and limit its spread across the world. This year’s theme is “Antimicrobials: Handle with care”.

    The One Health Advocacy meeting created awareness to various one health stakeholders on AMR and encouraged the prudent usage of antimicrobials in respective areas. It was organized by the Department of Livestock with funds from the Ministry of Health.

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